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Devanand is a dedicated life and finance coach, passionate about empowering individuals to achieve their goals. With a background in finance and extensive coaching experience, He guides people in transforming their lives and optimising their financial well-being. Through his personalized coaching sessions, online courses, and insightful content, he aims to help individuals make informed choices, cultivate awareness, and build a life of abundance. Join him on this transformative journey towards holistic success and financial freedom.


Author of "Smiling Battisi" and "56 Bhog," spreading joy and wisdom through his captivating books.

Content Creator

A dynamic content creator who captivates audiences with inspiring, uplifting, and thought-provoking creations.


An enterprising individual who brings inspiration and empowerment to others through his entrepreneurial ventures and captivating endeavors.

Trainer & Coach

An enterprising individual who wears multiple hats as a trainer, coach, and entrepreneur, empowering others to achieve their potential.

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Super practical courses, with a no-nonsense approach, that are designed to help you take life decisions from a point of awareness. And not ignorance.


Author of "Smiling Battisi" and "56 Bhog," spreading joy and wisdom through his captivating books

Smiling Battisi

Business cards still make their mark when it comes to creating a great first impression. If you want to convert customers then you need to look beyond the contact information on your business card, understand the psychology of its design and content. If you are an insurance agent looking for MDRT, COT & TOT. This book will teach you 32 different ways to show the visiting card and get an appointment.

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